About Us

Humanity One
is like no other nonprofit group you have been introduced to before. We are a new breed of dedicate individuals that are redefining the meaning of humanitarianism. We touch lives and break new boundaries in the stewardship of our world; we are Humanity One, in service and dedication to humanity.

Humanity One is a 501c3 non-profit and Federal Grantee with United States Government approvals (Homeland Security, State Department, IRS and DOD); as well as a Federal Reserve, United Nations and World Bank compliant organization.  Humanity One, is an active member of the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) for its sustainable humanitarian economic development projects and objectives.

We combine the essence of a typical humanitarian organization with non-profit economic development and advanced technologies to accomplish new levels of achievements never seen before. Our mandate is simple and direct in purpose, which addresses real world issues and needs.

Our Mandate

To have meaningful propose in everything we do
To foster opportunities and abundance in people’s lives
To provide real world solutions that actually works to solve problems
To create solutions in addressing poverty, illiteracy, famine and unemployment
To give back to the world and take a responsible roll in utilizing natural resources
To utilize new technologies and resources responsibly to help create a better world
To create sustainable projects worldwide that benefits future growth and needs
To focus on humanitarian endeavors and economic development projects that create
badly needed jobs in order to combat poverty